Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, New Start!

Happy New Year and all that gumph. Since it’s 2011 and I now am the proud owner of an awesome new Flip HD camera (thanks so much Faridah! x), I thought it would be a good time to resurrect my much loved (by me at least) live video blog Strike A Chord UK.

So expect far more frequently updated live videos of all the best UK punk and hardcore bands from the DIY circuit for your enjoyment! I'll post a dozen or so videos I have from the last three or four months of 2010 that I’ve yet to post too.

I'm switching the blog over to Tumblr so follow me and keep watching (for more regular updates, I swear!)


Saturday, 11 September 2010

ROOFTOPS Book For A Crook

Bristol The Lanes (Punk N Bowl 5)
August 15th 2010

I love how into it Rooftops are on this video. Blasting out their passionate post-hardcore punk, they're a great live band. Hailing from London/Bristol they've only got a couple of releases but hopefully there's more on the way soon.

This track is from their self-released EP (I think), which you can get from them at their shows.

DIVIDERS Me. You. Len on a boat. Falariki '09

Bristol The Lanes (Punk N Bowl 5)
August 15th 2010

Yes, it's another long overdue update! Right, I'm going to write less and try to update more. Honest. Anyway, thanks to Greg and Cara for the first Punk N Bowl in Bristol. It was another awesome day with the creme de la creme (that's right!) of the UK punk scene. Here's a few of the highlights...

Dividers are a new(ish) band from Swansea and this new song (I think it's from an upcoming split) shows they've got a bright future. If you're into the likes of Get Bent and Latterman then you'll love them.

This track isn't from it but they've got a great demo available to download from their MySpace and you can buy it on CD or tape from them at shows too (the former with a slow lorris on and the latter a pug. That's win, win).

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

CALVINBALL Has Anyone Seen My Self Respect?

Kingston Fighting Cocks
July 28th 2010

Calvinball have become one of the UK punk scene's favourite gruff punk bands and they haven't let the fact that they live in different places now stop them releasing great records and playing loads of gigs. This headline slot at the Fighting Cocks was the last show of their UK tour with Leagues Apart and Cynics and had a typical Calvinball party atmosphere!

This song is taken (I think) from the upcoming split 7" with Madison Bloodbath, out soon on All In Vinyl.

BANGERS New Villains

Leeds Royal Park Cellars
July 30th 2010

First off, sorry you can't really hear any guitar here. Don't know why. It's obvious that Bangers had been on tour for a few weeks in Europe, they've got ridiculously tight and even more awesome. This was their first show with Good Luck and this opening song set the tone for the night with band and crowd going off. Amazing.

This song is from their sold out split LP with Break The Habit and is also available on their new compilation/debut CD 'Dude Trips', which you can get on CD here or as a download here.


Leeds Royal Park Cellars
July 30th 2010

The new EP from The Don Ramos Players shows the band evolving and spreading their wings and this sprawling, atmospheric track is the perfect example of that. Bringing to mind Small Brown Bike, it's a powerful post-hardcore track. With their new line-up (Lloyd shifting from drums to guitar/vocals and Addy from Bastad! Rats! joining as their new sticksman)and a denser sound, their live sound is more impressive than ever.

This song is taken from the band's new six-track EP 'History And Geography' on BH9!

PACER Circles Around A Square

Leeds Royal Park Cellars
July 30th 2010

Okay, so I've already filmed this song and I did film another one too but I deleted it by accident so pipe down. Anyway, this song, which they opened with, is a belter! Featuring ex-members of The Steal and influenced by everything from Osker and The Bouncing Souls to Guildford Heat and The West Wing, their hardcore-infused pop punk is a damn good time. They're playing some shows with Off With Their Heads then are off to play The Fest in Florida in October. Party!

This song is going to be (I'm pretty sure) on their upcoming debut 10" EP, due out on Chunksaah in September. Can't wait!