Monday, 29 March 2010

CRAZY ARM Still To Keep

London Camden Roundhouse
March 24th 2010

Easily the biggest show I've filmed a band at so far for Strike A Chord UK (sell out! etc.), this show was headlined by their labelmate Frank Turner. Plymouth's finest country punk rockers have earned their position on this big stage, having blown away fans with their ear-shatteringly loud rocking songs in pubs around the countries for a few years and toured the UK and Europe with the likes of their good friends Bangers. Thankfully, they seemed totally at home in these large surroundings and blasted through this and plenty of other fan favourites with power and passion. Congratulations to the guys for such a stunning performance, with which they surely won over plenty of new fans. Catch frontman Darren Johns playing solo shows tour with Austin Lucas in May.

This track is from their 2009 debut album 'Born To Ruin', out on Xtra Mile.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Swansea Sigma
March 20th 2010

I was pretty pumped to be seeing The Arteries playing a hometown show and the driving punk rockers didn't let me down, with a set that featured a couple of new songs and some live favourites. I also managed to film this track, another ripper from their album that I somehow haven't filmed yet (yes, I know it's hard to believe!) Again, sorry for the poor sound but the big crowd sing-along 3/4 of the way through makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Incredible. Other highlights include frontman Miles headbanging like a winner, Steve and Trev singing along with their arms around each others' shoulders (love you guys) and Lotti crowd surfing.

Thanks again to Trev and all the bands for a mind blowing gig and Trev especially for the awesome chilli, place to crash and trip to the beach the next day. Legend.

This song is taken from the essential debut album 'Blood, Sweat & Beers', available on both CD (through Household Name) and bubblegum pink 12" vinyl at the band's SWFU! Records online shop.


Swansea Sigma
March 20th 2010

Bangers and The Arteries are my two favourite UK bands at the moment so the fact they're touring together is great. The Cornish punk rock trio were on fine form in Swansea and the crowd from all over the UK went suitably ape shit to their anthemic and powerful songs. This is probably my favourite Bangers song and is a live favourite. Sorry for the poor sound quality but Roo, Andrew, Hamish and the audience were loving every second and I think that shows. Just watching it makes me smile. What a night. Hopefully I can come again someday (cringe).

This song is taken from the Bangers and Break The Habit split 12", with 5 tracks from the former and 4 from the latter, still available through either Andrew's Specialist Subject online shop or This One's For The Crew Records.


Swansea Sigma
March 20th 2010

So I finally made it to a Swansea show and I picked a belter. Chuck Ragan, The Arteries, Bangers and Liver And Lungs meant I loved every band on the bill. I was so excited about it all that I left my camera in my bag. Typical. Fortunately Angela stepped up and let me borrow her camera (thanks again mate!) and I filmed a few songs. First up was L&L.

"n. a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general." But you wouldn't guess it from this upbeat, alt-country sing/stomp-along from this Southsea band, consisting of members/ex-members of You, Me And The Atom Bomb, Chillerton and NoComply. Anyway, the video starts with the band telling the crowd about a huge spider that fell on banjo player Jack during soundcheck, followed by Jack showing how big it was, then saying he wasn't talking about the spider. Textbook.

The song showcases Kelly and El's amazing voices and how well they work together, backed with the punk-infused country twang. Hell, this one had Chuck Ragan clapping throughout and hollering his approval. Now all that's left is for the band to finally release something! Or at least make those L&L official guns, painkillers and cat food...

Saturday, 20 March 2010

PACER First song ever!

Kingston Fighting Cocks
March 6th 2010

Rising from the ashes of the much-loved hardcore heroes The Steal, Mark (vocals) and Dave (guitar) are back with Jaffa (drums) and Mike (bass) and their new band Pacer. Taking their name from a basketball term I think (Indiana Pacers anyone?), they're influenced by the likes of the Descendents, ALL, Bouncing Souls, Iron Chic, Guildford Heat/UK basketball and ridiculously awesome looking tubby funster cats! This was their first ever song at their first gig and they're clearly loving it, as was the crowd. I can't wait to the demo that's on the way too!

On a side note, Mark's art is part of an awesome Art Is Proof 'All My Best Friends Are...' exhibition/pop up shop of art, screen prints, books, zines and more for the next ten days in East London so get down there, check it out and pick up a bargain.

Friday, 19 March 2010

YOU, ME AND THE ATOM BOMB Na na na na na Na na na na na

London Camden Purple Turtle
February 18th 2010

So this song isn't going to be called something as ridiculous as this (I hope) but this is the working title that vocalist/guitarist Tim said on stage. The Portsmouth trio are set to return with their long-awaited second album, the follow-up to 2006's 'Shake Up'. It's good to hear them back and, with some meaty riffs and raw anthems like this, I'm looking forward to hear what Tim, Hud and Dan offer up.

You can still buy their debut album 'Shake Up' from Household Name.


Leeds Brudenell Social Club
December 17th 2009

So this video was recorded last December but it's a new song so it's all good right? There's plenty more shows coming up in April so there will be way more frequent updates. Sorry for being slack again. Hey, it's warming up outside and the good times are rolling! Anyway, this track from the mighty Leeds/Sunderland trio is another raucous dual-vocalled punk sing-along. Vocalist/bassist Dan told me,

"It's about the tedium of working weeks. It's actually the only song we have that's unreleased at the moment, although we have recorded it."

Look out for it on an upcoming release but for now get the new Offshore Radio/Down And Outs split from Yo-Yo Records.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


London Camden Purple Turtle
February 18th 2010

Whether you enjoy passionate gruff folk punk with political lyrics, damn catchy guitar lines or hand shadow ducks (thanks Jon Doses!) then this video has something for you! This is probably my favourite song to date from the new Dorking three-piece and if that hook doesn't get stuck in your head you should check your pulse because you might well be a corpse. Plus, as they say on their MySpace page, "chicks dig beards right?" so lap this video up ladies.

This is another song from the trio's split with the acoustic folk punk man cynics (aka Giles), with three songs from cynics and four from WEGROWBEARDS. It's out now through Boofrod or you can get the split CD from the bands.