Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Swansea Sigma
March 20th 2010

So I finally made it to a Swansea show and I picked a belter. Chuck Ragan, The Arteries, Bangers and Liver And Lungs meant I loved every band on the bill. I was so excited about it all that I left my camera in my bag. Typical. Fortunately Angela stepped up and let me borrow her camera (thanks again mate!) and I filmed a few songs. First up was L&L.

"n. a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general." But you wouldn't guess it from this upbeat, alt-country sing/stomp-along from this Southsea band, consisting of members/ex-members of You, Me And The Atom Bomb, Chillerton and NoComply. Anyway, the video starts with the band telling the crowd about a huge spider that fell on banjo player Jack during soundcheck, followed by Jack showing how big it was, then saying he wasn't talking about the spider. Textbook.

The song showcases Kelly and El's amazing voices and how well they work together, backed with the punk-infused country twang. Hell, this one had Chuck Ragan clapping throughout and hollering his approval. Now all that's left is for the band to finally release something! Or at least make those L&L official guns, painkillers and cat food...


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