Wednesday, 17 February 2010


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
February 11th 2010

The Brighton four-piece played with all the passion and energy as they usually do and with several new songs in their set, all of which sounded anthemic and fun, they're getting better all the time. If you're a fan of Latterman and '90s emo then you need to check these guys out. Vocalist/bassist Jay jokes about the song title (calling it a range of other board games, including Monopoly and Kerplunk) before they burst into this energetic tune. Sharing mics for powerful vocal deliveries from all members, they were having a great time (despite Jay knocking over Luke's drink in this video!).

This song is from BTH's forthcoming split with Cutting Class, out soon on One, Two, Fuck You. You can also download the songs from the band's MySpace.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
February 11th 2010

Hailing from Dorking, this new face hair lovin' three-piece consists of members of Killing Pablo, QC, Dinkle and Serf Combat. With a raucous folk punk sound and intelligent social/political lyrics, they're passionate and fun. This song is about the long history of war and invasion in Afghanistan (looking back to 1841 forwards), with the closing line of "because there's no lessons learnt, but the game still goes on." Plus, they have Fun Alf (Jedward's Uncle?) on drums/vocals and on their t-shirts. Nice.

This song is from the band's split with the acoustic folk punk known as cynics (aka the delightful Giles), with three songs from cynics and four from WEGROWBEARDS. It's out now through Boofrod or you can get the split CD from the bands.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

PJ & GABY Time Well Spent

London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
February 11th 2010

Having gone from couple PJ & Gaby playing acoustic folk punk in the vein of Ghost Mice to expanding out to a four-piece, with the addition of their good friends Josh and Dan from Apologies, I Have None, and becoming electric (think more like Defiance, Ohio and early Against Me!), I'm definitely a fan of their fuller sound. Despite the low vocals on this video, the passion of PJ & Gaby's dual vocals and catchy melodies as a full live band shines through. Enjoy!

This track (or rather an acoustic version of it) is taken from their 2008 album 'Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams', which you can get from the band (see their MySpace for details). Expect full band recordings soon too!


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
February 11th 2010

Influenced by "every punk band that made us want mohawks, leather jackets and bullet belts when we were 15", fans of the likes of classic Rancid and The Bouncing Souls will enjoy the raucous tunes of this Bastingstoke four-piece. With beards and plenty of 'woahs', this is gruff sing-along punk at its most infectious! Apparently their vocalist/guitarist Adam Cardy has recently joined The Don Ramos Players as their new drummer, with Lloyd becoming their second guitarist. One for the trivia fans.

This song was the closer and is the one from their MySpace. I don't think it's been released on anything yet. Expect to hear plenty more from them and catch them live!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
January 28th 2010

Now a two-piece, with vocalist/guitarist Vince joined by bassist Mike (also of Keeping Scores), this is socially/politically aware acoustic punk from London. I think this was their second gig as a two-piece (after playing a house party) and it was fun. I don't think the track has been recorded for any release as yet. Vince adds,

"The main lyric sums it up 'There's a million things more important than looks, like your outlook on life or your 10 favourite books.' It's about an alternative idea to what 'beauty' is, in rejection of mainstream culture's fetish for homogeneity and plasticity. It's about not just liking someone because they're 'hot' but for their ethics and approach to life. We're playing the North West all dayer on the 20th March in Harrow. Thanks."

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

CAVES Stepping Stone

Bristol The Fleece
December 12th 2009

Here's another new track from this exciting Bristol melodic punk band, not featured on their 7". Fans of Lemuria and Superchunk will love this three-piece. I think this was their final song and it was suitably energetic and infectious. Drummer Dave said of the song, "we just recorded it with 4 other songs. As yet we're not sure whats going where I'm afraid. Hopefully on one of the splits we've got planned."

Order the band's self-titled 4-track 7", out now on Specialist Subject.

ATTACK! VIPERS! Heart Attack In Reverse

London Camden Underworld
January 13th 2010

Supporting The Hope Conspiracy, Portsmouth/Southsea's epic metallic hardcore heroes aired a couple of new tracks that they've been working on. As energetic, passionate and powerful as always they put on another awesome show. With the band laying down a track that's heavy yet has an infectious melodic guitar line and with frontman Joe stalking the darkness in front of the Underworld's stage, this song from the quartet's anticipated second album (due later this year) is as beautifully savage as you could hope for. Sorry, the video continues a little after the song finishes as Tom Hussey deceived me with his relentless basserising.

Before playing the song Joe explained that 'Reverse Heart Attack' was about wishing he knew what he knows and was doing what he does when he was 18 rather than almost 30. Time waits for no man... so bring on album number 2!

THE CUT UPS A Song Of Regret And Lament

Bristol The Fleece
December 12th 2009

Another video from December and it's a corker. The Exeter punk rockers do it again with this rousing performance at the D4 gig in Bristol. They played a few old fan favourites at the show and this was the mighty final song of their set, resulting in some rowdy crowd backing vocals and sing alongs. Great times!

This song is taken from the band's 2006 debut album 'Paris Street In Ruins', still available through All Gone Wrong Records.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Leeds Brudenell Social Club
December 17th 2009

Okay, so I haven't been to many gigs (a couple here and there, I'll post those soon) in January for a couple of thrilling reasons (lack of gigs and money), so I'll post a couple more from December gigs. With loads of awesome gigs announced recently and a few jaunts to different cities in the pipeline there will be far more updates in the coming couple of months. Sorry again, lame.

Anyway, here's another song from Offshore Radio's anthemic set when they played with D4 and Leatherface in Leeds. It was an amazing night and this is another incredible tune. I really can't wait for them to record something more than a song for a split or a demo. An EP? an album? I don't care just more please!

This song is from the band's 4-track demo. You should ask the band if they still have copies because it rules.