Wednesday, 3 February 2010

ATTACK! VIPERS! Heart Attack In Reverse

London Camden Underworld
January 13th 2010

Supporting The Hope Conspiracy, Portsmouth/Southsea's epic metallic hardcore heroes aired a couple of new tracks that they've been working on. As energetic, passionate and powerful as always they put on another awesome show. With the band laying down a track that's heavy yet has an infectious melodic guitar line and with frontman Joe stalking the darkness in front of the Underworld's stage, this song from the quartet's anticipated second album (due later this year) is as beautifully savage as you could hope for. Sorry, the video continues a little after the song finishes as Tom Hussey deceived me with his relentless basserising.

Before playing the song Joe explained that 'Reverse Heart Attack' was about wishing he knew what he knows and was doing what he does when he was 18 rather than almost 30. Time waits for no man... so bring on album number 2!

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