Wednesday, 10 February 2010


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
January 28th 2010

Now a two-piece, with vocalist/guitarist Vince joined by bassist Mike (also of Keeping Scores), this is socially/politically aware acoustic punk from London. I think this was their second gig as a two-piece (after playing a house party) and it was fun. I don't think the track has been recorded for any release as yet. Vince adds,

"The main lyric sums it up 'There's a million things more important than looks, like your outlook on life or your 10 favourite books.' It's about an alternative idea to what 'beauty' is, in rejection of mainstream culture's fetish for homogeneity and plasticity. It's about not just liking someone because they're 'hot' but for their ethics and approach to life. We're playing the North West all dayer on the 20th March in Harrow. Thanks."

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