Thursday, 26 November 2009


Kingston Fighting Cocks
November 14th 2009

The Pod are back! They've got a new album that was released in October called 'Poets On Payday' but I'll get to that in a few days when I do the next few posts. For now, here's the second of my classic UK skate punk songs. The Kings Lynn quintet have still got it and blasted through the most energetic set of the night before closing with this fan favourite, resulting in plenty of singing along, finger pointing and fists in the air. Great to have them back again, I hadn't seen them in years.

This song is a single from their 2001 third album 'Third Time Lucky', released through Deck Cheese.


Kingston Fighting Cocks
November 14th 2009

Sorry I've been a bit slow to get these ones up but here we go. Thanks to Josh for putting on OCP and Vanilla Pod at the Cocks (and a few other bands), taking me back to my fevered skate punk lovin' uni. days! By all accounts it was a trip down memory lane and I filmed a couple of my favourites - UK skate punk classics in my book. Anyway, One Car Pile-Up hail from the North (Scunthorpe/Lincoln/Leeds) and this driving melodic anthem was the closer (as usual) and is arguably their finest song to date. Here's hoping for a new album. Long live skate punk!

This song is taken from their 2003 album 'Worst Episode Ever', out now on Crackle!

APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE Green Green Mabley Green

London Camden Purple Turtle
October 20th 2009

I thought I'd post another video from A,IHN's first full band set in London from a month or so back. Joining Dan and Josh (both vocals/guitar) are PJ (bass/vocals) and Joe (drums). Sounding more impressive and energetic than ever before, I'm a fan of the full band format. One of the UK's best folk punk bands, check them out with their new line-up live as soon as you can.

This song is taken from their self-released EP 'Two Sticks And Six Strings', which is out now. Order your copy from the band's online store. You can also stream the EP now at

Friday, 13 November 2009

THE ARTERIES (Keep On) Trucking

Camden Underworld
September 4th 2009

A favourite of mine, it's another video of Swansea's, actually one of the UK's, finest. This one is the first of a few videos I filmed a couple of months back when The Arteries sounded immense supporting The Flatliners. Initially I wasn't sure whether to just use this blog to post videos of small pub gigs but what the hell, right? The more the merrier. Storming show too.

This track is from their debut full-length 'Blood, Sweat And Beers', out now on Household Name.

THE CUT UPS Jake Versus the Christmas Tree

Brixton Windmill
September 29th 2009

Here's a personal favourite from the mighty Cut Ups from Exeter. With Christmas ads all over the TV and high street, get in the festive mood with this aptly titled tune! Their simply awesome sing-alongs never fail to make me smile and, judging by the band at the start of the video, something's tickled them too. Can't remember what. Anyway, this was a highlight of their anthemic set from late September. Come back to Kingston soon please guys!

The song is another from their second full-length 'The High And Mighty', out now on Household Name.

DOWN AND OUTS Forever Punk

Brixton Windmill
October 10th 2009

So there seems to be a bit of a post-Fest slump in gigs for me at the moment so, to keep updates coming, I'm going to start uploading some of the second/third songs that I recorded at gigs earlier this year and a couple from gigs I filmed but haven't posted at all yet, for one reason or another.

First up tonight is another video of Liverpool's Down And Outs with their brilliant anthemic, melodic collision of street/pop punk. This was from Lloyd's 40th birthday gig a month ago and was a great night all round.

This song is taken from their 'Forever Punk' 7" which, according to Dead And Gone Records, is out of press. Oh well, enjoy the video friends!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

BANGERS Too Many Dark Knights

Gainesville, Florida The Venue side stage (Fest 8)
November 1st 2009

The last day of Fest saw some truly amazing sets and the UK bands played a large part in that. Unfortunately the Venue side stage was really dark but that didn't stop me. Here's Falmouth's finest blasting out their new song from their upcoming Art Of The Underground single (by the occasional light of a camera flash). Sweet! Another incredible anthem from an awesome band.

Soon afterwards they started having technical problems but so many Brits abroad were singing every word that during closer 'The Hard Way' Roo launched into the crowd and abandoned his troublesome guitar. I was going off too much to film it. I think I'm suffering Five Star and Boca Fiesta withdrawals. Roll on Fest 9!

OK PILOT Hot Blood

Gainesville, Florida 1982 (Pre-Fest)
October 29th 2009

Okay, so I have a confession. Due to the usual schedule clashes, chaos and getting involved at Fest 8 in Gainesville, Florida this year, I only filmed a couple of UK bands. If you were there you know how awesome it was and if you weren't then sorry and come next year (if the crusties haven't ruined it for everyone!) I hear all the UK bands there this year were pretty much all awesome and there's videos of almost all of them on Strike A Chord UK already so suck it up. Only joking, come back...

Anyway, here's Exeter's mighty hardcore punk 'n' roll powerhouse OK Pilot blasting out a live favourite from their self-titled debut EP at the Pre-Fest the day before it all started. It was an awesome gig and the 1982 bar is great with old video games to play behind the bar. OK Pilot's EP is out now on Freakscene but you can order your copy directly from vocalist/bassist Chris at their MySpace.