Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Leeds Brudenell Social Club
December 17th 2009

It was an awesome night, with Offshore playing alongside The Magnificent, Leatherface and Dillinger Four. This great Leeds/Sunderland punk supergroup (yeah, I went there!) features members/ex-members of the likes of The Dauntless Elite, The Mercury League and Fig. 4.0 and always put on an anthemic and passionate performance. Influenced by the likes of The Clash, Dillinger Four and Cock Sparrer, it's a powerful yet catchy sound. This sing-along shows how their old school/pop punk brilliance and three-way vocals are sure to have you grinning from ear to ear!

This song is taken from their raw but infectious 4-track demo that weirdly, I bought last October in Wayward Council in Gainesville, Florida but have never seen the band selling at gigs. Maybe ask them next time you see them or drop them an email.

CAVES 200 Miles

Bristol The Fleece
December 12th 2009

This new Bristol trio are one hell of a lot of fun and if you like Discount, Lemuria and Superchunk then they're right up your alley. With infectious hooks, big melodies and powerful vocals they're already causing excitement and I loved them when I caught them in their hometown recently. It's not often anymore that you see a band without having heard them and it was a good feeling to be simply blown away by their energy and tunes.

The three-piece of Louise, Michael and David will release their debut 7" through Specialist Subject in mid January, although this track will not feature on the recording. Also, catch them on tour around the UK in January.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

LEATHERFACE I Want The Moon / Not Superstitious

Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th 2009

A late but hearty merry Christmas to all of you! I've been very busy in the run up to Christmas and since heading back to Chester for the holidays I have been denied the joys of the 21st century (the internet). However, I've managed to get access long enough to add these two videos from the storming Leatherface set in Kingston. Hope you like them (especially Josh) and there will be more videos from all over up before the end of '09.

Both these songs are also taken from 1991's 'Mush', out now on Fire (guess which my favourite album is!).

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th 2009

This is the smallest venue I've seen Leatherface in and it's probably the best I've seen them too. With a crowd who are understandably well up for the Sunderland gruff punk legends (after all, they don't make it down south too often), it was a blast from start to finish and frontman Frankie Stubbs was clearly loving every minute. His distinctive vocals, shuffle dancing and insanely infectious choruses made this easily one of the shows of the year. And yes, that's Duncan from Snuff on drums too. For anyone that doesn't know, Leatherface were a huge influence on Hot Water Music and the whole Gainesville, FL sound. Anyway, you pobably know so sorry, enough babble from me. Enjoy! There's a little bit of springtime in the back of my mind...

This song is taken from the seminal 1991 Leatherface album 'Mush', out now on Fire. I'm heading up north for a couple of days but if you'd like to see a couple more videos of songs from this stunning show then comment (on the blog please, not the YouTube) and, if there's demand, I'll post them this weekend.

SOUTHPORT Days Like These

Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th 2009

Southport are back! With the band reformed and their second album (their first in 9 years no less) released earlier this year, they've been doing what they do best - playing honest and anthemic punk rock in the vein of Leatherface (including the dance moves!) and Samiam. It's good to have them back and here's hoping they gig a bit more regularly in 2010.

This song is the opener from second album 'Armchair Supporters', out now on Boss Tuneage.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ABOVE THEM Give It Up To Start Again / Secrets Of The Original Beerbox

Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th

Back from Bristol and straight to Kingston for another incredible gig. Another amazing line-up would see seminal Sunderland gruff punks Leatherface return down to the London area for the first time in years with support from Southport, Above Them, Serf Combat and The 255s. Bring the fun!

This Pontefract trio were on top form, with the likes of these two driving sing-alongs being sung loud by both band and crowd and the eerie green light making it seem like a Hulk convention. These songs are both from the band's debut full-length album 'Blueprint For A Better Time', out now on Inhaler Records.

THE ARTERIES Paying For The Name

Bristol The Fleece
December 12th 2009

The Swansea quintet were on fine form as always in Bristol before their friends in The Cut Ups. This is their latest face-melting concoction of punk and rock, taken from the Art Of The Underground Single Series (Volume 45), which shows that their new songs are pushing their stunning sound even further. The vocal and guitar harmonies and Weezer-esque drum fill are immense. Says it all really.

THE CUT UPS Billy Ocean Blue

Bristol The Fleece
December 12th 2009

My first ever gig in Bristol and it was flawless! Caves, The Arteries, The Cut Ups all supporting D4. You couldn't get three more exciting UK punk bands to support really, with the second two Strike A Chord favourites/regulars and the former (Caves, if I'm not being clear) proving to be a thrilling new local band (video on the way when I find out song title!) and a cool surprise to start to the night.

Exeter's The Cut Ups were on fine form, playing songs old and new and causing some great sing-alongs. Here's the fastest song they've written to date and it's an infectious ripper taken from their brilliant split 7" with The Arteries, out now on SWFU!


London Camden Underworld
December 10th 2009

Yes, yes, it's another Arteries video! But you love them right? Good. Sorry I missed the very start of the song again but the sheer awesome power and energy on stage shows exactly why they can play with amazing bands (in this case Dillinger Four) and more than hold their own. No, I'm not talking about Pugs in just his pants on stage later that night when I say 'hold their own'. Anyway, another killer song from an incredible weekend of gigs. More to come Arteries fans!

This track is from the four-way split 7" 'Brits Abroad', featuring a track each from The Arteries, OK Pilot, Brothers and Bangers, out now on Specialist Subject Records.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


London Camden Purple Turtle
December 8th 2009

Southampton's finest always put on an energetic show that gets the crowd going and this gig was no exception. Blasting through fan favourites old and new almost non-stop (I even missed the very start of this song, sorry guys), they gave it their all. With their Kid Dynamite-loving melodic hardcore punk it's no surprise that they're winning new fans with every show. Catch them live soon and get down the front!

This blazing track is one of my favourites from their debut full-length album 'Live. Love. Let Go.', out now on Banquet.


London Camden Purple Turtle
December 8th 2009

It's been roughly six months since this London melodic hardcore five-piece (and my good friends) last played but you wouldn't have guessed it from this show. It's great to have them back and, although a few banoffee pies have apparently been quaffed by vocalist Ash (his words, not mine!), they're sounding leaner and more anthemic than ever. Here's hoping they write some kick ass new stuff soon and play plenty of gigs in 2010. Score(s)!

This song is taken from their 'Demo 08' EP, available to download for free (if the link works for you) at their MySpace or, you know, message them or something.