Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th 2009

This is the smallest venue I've seen Leatherface in and it's probably the best I've seen them too. With a crowd who are understandably well up for the Sunderland gruff punk legends (after all, they don't make it down south too often), it was a blast from start to finish and frontman Frankie Stubbs was clearly loving every minute. His distinctive vocals, shuffle dancing and insanely infectious choruses made this easily one of the shows of the year. And yes, that's Duncan from Snuff on drums too. For anyone that doesn't know, Leatherface were a huge influence on Hot Water Music and the whole Gainesville, FL sound. Anyway, you pobably know so sorry, enough babble from me. Enjoy! There's a little bit of springtime in the back of my mind...

This song is taken from the seminal 1991 Leatherface album 'Mush', out now on Fire. I'm heading up north for a couple of days but if you'd like to see a couple more videos of songs from this stunning show then comment (on the blog please, not the YouTube) and, if there's demand, I'll post them this weekend.

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