Saturday, 26 December 2009

LEATHERFACE I Want The Moon / Not Superstitious

Kingston Fighting Cocks
December 13th 2009

A late but hearty merry Christmas to all of you! I've been very busy in the run up to Christmas and since heading back to Chester for the holidays I have been denied the joys of the 21st century (the internet). However, I've managed to get access long enough to add these two videos from the storming Leatherface set in Kingston. Hope you like them (especially Josh) and there will be more videos from all over up before the end of '09.

Both these songs are also taken from 1991's 'Mush', out now on Fire (guess which my favourite album is!).

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  1. These videos are great. Gutted I missed over half of the show because of stupid trains :( Hope you had a great Christmas despite the lack of internet! Fact: I met my best friend in Chester despite both of us being Spanish. Rad, huh?