Monday, 26 April 2010


London Brixton Windmill
April 11th 2010

The Mags have made a name for themselves for their gritty yet melodic punk sing-alongs. Having played in Leeds bands for years, the three-piece includes former members of the likes of Eighty-Six and Buzzkill, so it's no surprise that they know how to pen an infectious tune. Fans of the old school, street sounds meets pop punk of the Bouncing Souls and Rancid will enjoy these guys. Having been a band since 2006, the Clash are another obvious influence on their irrepressible sound. Catch them playing shows up north in the next couple of months, they'll no doubt live up to their name.

This song is taken from their first full-length album 'Pay The Crimes', out now on Boss Tuneage.

ONSIND TRS At The Subrosa Kiel

London King's Cross Cross Kings
April 9th 2010

One Night Stand In North Dakota (ONSIND)are Daniel Ellis and Nathan Griffin from Durham playing socio-political acoustic pop punk songs with a burning passion and energy. With their distinctive and different vocals complementing each other perfectly, they're one hell of an impressive live band. They've got a couple of shows up in Newcastle coming up and hopefully they'll be hitting the road again soon because they're sure to win your heart.

This uplifting tune is taken from their two-song (one from each band) split 7" with Short Term Effect on Discount Horse. There's not many left though so be quick! All together now - "I didn't take a single thing for granted!"

FASHANU Tofu-Hog Roast

London King's Cross Cross Kings
April 9th 2010

They like to babble about stuff and play amazing raw pop punk in the vein of Latterman and Get Bent and I like to listen and sing. This Durham three-piece (named after the first and only pro footballer to identify himself as gay) are a charismatic and fun bunch who play scrappy and anthemic tunes, with an urgency pulsing through each song. The dual vocals and big sing-along melodies make Fashanu so damn addictive. Somewhat of a hidden gem, this storming show on their UK tour with Imperial Can and fellow north-eastern types ONSIND is hopefully the start of more tours for them. Please play down south more please Jonathan, Kate and Gary!

This song is taken from their brilliant 6-track EP 'Science Is Awesome', out now on their own Discount Horse Records. There's songs about riding bikes, the effects on mental health of a capitalist society and zombies. What's not to love?

BEDFORD FALLS Who's Coat Is That Jacket?

London Camden Monarch
April 8th 2010

Having been playing, in their own words, "mid-'90s US indie rock. With Cardiff accents" since back in 2003, this Welsh band have a way with a rocking melody. Fans of the likes of The Weakerthans, The Lemonheads and Husker Du will love these guys. Playing with passion and power, they were the perfect band to tour the UK with Failures' Union.

This energetic anthem is the opener from their superb 2008 album 'Savings And Loan', out now on Boss Tuneage. You can get the album from the band at their shows too. Get it, it's ace.

CYNICS Brothers Of Shame

London Camden Monarch
April 8th 2010

Playing the kind of venue that's more often hosting drug-addled twats such as Pete Doherty (instead of this one! Way-oh! Jokes Giles, love you), London-based acoustic punk Cynics (Giles Bidder to his friends) was really impressive opening for Failures' Union. It's straight from the heart anthemic stuff and Giles is a brilliant dude (you may remember him from the brass section of F-Bats) so catch him live soon at a number of shows, including K Fest and Southsea Fest.

Sporting a beautiful new semi-acoustic (nice semi) guitar, he bust out 'the hit' to close with. A song about the friends he toured with and how much they mean to him, it's a big sing-along. Giles explains,

"I played a show in Peterborough that F-Bats were originally supposed to play. That night I partied with the other dudes playing the show. It was their first date on their tour and they invited me for the rest of it. 'Hey mum, uhh I met some guys in a town north of the Watford Gap and I won't be home for a week'."

This song is taken from the Cynics/Wegrowbeards split CD, featuring three tracks from Cynics and four from Wegrowbeards. It's out now on Boofrod Records or you can get it from Giles at his gigs.

BREAK THE HABIT Subtlety Has Never Been My Forte

Kingston Fighting Cocks
April 2nd 2010

Making guitarist Luke's (the one on the right) life complete by supporting The Lawrence Arms, this was also probably my favourite BTH show I've seen. The Brighton five-piece were on fine form and new songs such as this show why we've got a lot to look forward to with their upcoming split 7"s (with Spraynard, Solutions and Cutting Class). However, when this exhilirating and upbeat anthem will see the light of day on wax is up in the air a bit at the moment, as vocalist/bassist Jay explains.

"In theory this is going to be on a split 7" with Cutting Class, but with them breaking up, I'm not sure if it's still coming out."

Thankfully they're on the case and here's hoping it gets sorted soon because I think this is one of the best BTH songs yet! All together now, "woah-wooo-oooah!" Keep it up guys.