Monday, 26 April 2010

FASHANU Tofu-Hog Roast

London King's Cross Cross Kings
April 9th 2010

They like to babble about stuff and play amazing raw pop punk in the vein of Latterman and Get Bent and I like to listen and sing. This Durham three-piece (named after the first and only pro footballer to identify himself as gay) are a charismatic and fun bunch who play scrappy and anthemic tunes, with an urgency pulsing through each song. The dual vocals and big sing-along melodies make Fashanu so damn addictive. Somewhat of a hidden gem, this storming show on their UK tour with Imperial Can and fellow north-eastern types ONSIND is hopefully the start of more tours for them. Please play down south more please Jonathan, Kate and Gary!

This song is taken from their brilliant 6-track EP 'Science Is Awesome', out now on their own Discount Horse Records. There's songs about riding bikes, the effects on mental health of a capitalist society and zombies. What's not to love?

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