Monday, 26 April 2010

CYNICS Brothers Of Shame

London Camden Monarch
April 8th 2010

Playing the kind of venue that's more often hosting drug-addled twats such as Pete Doherty (instead of this one! Way-oh! Jokes Giles, love you), London-based acoustic punk Cynics (Giles Bidder to his friends) was really impressive opening for Failures' Union. It's straight from the heart anthemic stuff and Giles is a brilliant dude (you may remember him from the brass section of F-Bats) so catch him live soon at a number of shows, including K Fest and Southsea Fest.

Sporting a beautiful new semi-acoustic (nice semi) guitar, he bust out 'the hit' to close with. A song about the friends he toured with and how much they mean to him, it's a big sing-along. Giles explains,

"I played a show in Peterborough that F-Bats were originally supposed to play. That night I partied with the other dudes playing the show. It was their first date on their tour and they invited me for the rest of it. 'Hey mum, uhh I met some guys in a town north of the Watford Gap and I won't be home for a week'."

This song is taken from the Cynics/Wegrowbeards split CD, featuring three tracks from Cynics and four from Wegrowbeards. It's out now on Boofrod Records or you can get it from Giles at his gigs.

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