Thursday, 22 July 2010


London Shoreditch Old Blue Last
July 19th 2010

Will, the singer of OTDH, has strong views on bands progressing and making every release different and I think that's pretty cool. Before this song he explains this and tells the crowd that lyrically it's about "the awkwardness of breaking up with your girlfriend", admitting it's "a bit of an emo song". It's in the vein of Lifetime and early Saves The Day (who they covered to finish their set!) though, so it's all good.

A new song that shows that they're determined to power through and keep changing, it's an exciting glimpse of what's to come. Catch them on tour for the next couple of months (see the MySpace for the gig listings), buy one of their awesome new Bill Murray t-shirts and ask Will about Deadly Circus Fire.


London Shoreditch South Of The Border (Everything Sucks club)
July 16th 2010

Having taken the summer to concentrate on finishing uni (in some cases) and writing and recently recording their eagerly anticipated second full-length (in all cases), Wales' finest are back and we were so excited to have them playing at ES. Safe to say it was one hell of a party, as always with Arteries gigs, and much singing, dancing and crowd surfing was had. Blasting through three new songs, it sounds like they're becoming more varied and drawing on a wide range of influences - a good thing for sure. Mixing an AC/DC riff with hardcore energy, as Miles yells, "I'm never gonna crack!", it's a beast. I can't wait to hear the new record. Lets just hope that Jamie doesn't launch the mic stand at anyone next time!

It's taken from the upcoming second album, 'Dead Sea', that the band are hoping to have out in time for their US tour in October.


London Shoreditch South Of The Border (Everything Sucks club)
July 16th 2010

Featuring plenty of ex-members and with a couple of releases under their belts already, it's good to have Don Ramos back. Their first album came out in 2007 but now they're back and their sound is a bit more post-hardcore, more varied and a little darker in my opinion. Anyway, it was cool to have them play ES and with Lloyd stepping out from behind the drumkit to thicken up their sound by adding a second guitar, with Addy (also of Bastad! Rats!) joining as their new tubthumper, they're sounding better than ever.

This song is from the Southern band's new EP, 'History And Geography', hopefully available soon through the band's own BH9! Records.


London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

One of London's finest punk bands (even if Josh does joke then admit that they're not the best band in the world. Everyone knows that's Huey Lewis And The News, right?), A,IHN just seem to get better and better every time I see them. This gig was free and was a total blast, with the guys treating us to a couple of new songs, including this one. It's typically uplifting, sing-along stuff. The angle may not have been the best to film from on reflection but I've always thought that the back of Josh's head is underrated. Enjoy!

This song is as-yet untitled and, according to vocalist/guitarist (on the far side) Dan, "it's still in the works a bit at the moment!" Well, it's sounding pretty damn awesome at the moment (especially how it builds to an epic instrumental crescendo) so hopefully it'll be on a new release soon.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

NEIL SUTHERLAND & FRIENDS This Town Ain't What It Used To Be

London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

Neil Sutherland is a treat for any fans of uplifting anthemic folk punk and this song is a belter, even though it's more about how high streets seem to be becoming more and more homogenized. His story telling, passionate songs and infectious choruses deserve your attention, especially if you like Defiance, Ohio or Apologies, I Have None. On this tour, Neil's friends included PJ impressing everyone with his drumming (also of PJ & Gaby, Rooftops and A,IHN) and Kyle (also of imadethismistake) on bass. Not even a blown guitar head could stop the fun for long!

This song is taken from Neil's 2008 album 'Build Our Own', his first release which was full band rather than acoustic.

PORCHES Punktastic Is Stoked

London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

Porches are one of about five bands (including Serf Combat and Wegrowbeards) that the awesome bearded party dude Fun Alf is playing in at the moment. He's the dude singing and playing bass. If you love Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms, partying, burritos, pandas and The Fest, then you're going to enjoy the hell out of this. This is sing-along gruff pop punk with great male/female vocals and plenty of energy, not to mention a title with a nod to the O Pioneers!!! song 'Punknews Is Stoked'. Here's to the good times - Punktastic should be stoked!

They've just recorded a 4-track EP and this is from it. It's out July 27th on Alf's BooFrod Records!

Monday, 19 July 2010

THE MAGNIFICENT Doctor & The Freeze-Up

Leeds Irish Centre
June 22nd 2010

Consisting of former members of a number of local bands, Leeds punks The Mags have been going since 2007. This song was pretty awesome because it reminded me of new Dead To Me, as well as bits of The Clash and Rancid. A good groove-laden reggae punk track for summer. Fun.

The three-piece have been in the studio over summer recording their second album but this tune is taken from last year's debut full-length 'Pay The Crimes', out now on Boss Tuneage.

MILLOY Spiders

Leeds Irish Centre
June 22nd 2010

Supporting the mighty Hot Water Music, Wakefield gruff punk heroes Milloy were on fine form. With Beefy having won tickets for the World Cup in South Africa, Joe Maples (ex-Pylon) came to the rescue and did a spot on job filling in. It was a great night and it was cool to hear them play some oldies like this for my friends and I to holler along to... even if it was weird that I wasn't singing it with Mike Hemsley. Wish you were there dude. Oh and enjoy my 'Woo!' - it summed up exactly how I felt.

Sorry I missed the start of it, had a bit of camera trouble. This song is the opener from the incredible 2002 EP 'Belt Up'. If you've only got the two albums (or even if you haven't) you should pick this EP up if you love Hot Water Music, Leatherface or Bangers. I don't know if you can get it anymore but try messaging the band. Yeah.

CYNICS Memorial Day

London Shoreditch South Of The Border
June 16th 2010

Wow, has it really been this long since I've posted on Strike A Chord UK? Sorry! I've no excuse, I've still been going to gigs but just haven't got around to posting the results. Lame. Anyway, I'm back from my accidental summer holiday away from the blog and there'll be plenty of new updates to come. So, please comment away, follow the blog and spread the word. Cheers big ears.

This performance was from when Cynics (aka the loveable sex pest Giles Bidder) supported the amazing Laura Stevenson at South Of The Border and he was awesome as always. In fact, this was probably one of his best performances to date. I think it may have something to do with the snappy new hat (which I presume is what sealed his 'Shutter Island' hot scoop US trip). If you're a fan of early acoustic Against Me!/Tom Gabel, Frank Turner and/or other acoustic punk troubadour types then Cynics could be for you.

The video is of Cynics' cover of the Paint It Black favourite - a version that's been given the seal of approval by Mr. Dan Yemin himself. High praise indeed. Bonus points go to Minty who you can hear busting out some great backing vocals towards the end. Bro down.

This cover can be heard on Cynics' 4-track 'Stones I've Thrown' 7" (that comes with a download code), out now from Happy Days.