Thursday, 22 July 2010


London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

One of London's finest punk bands (even if Josh does joke then admit that they're not the best band in the world. Everyone knows that's Huey Lewis And The News, right?), A,IHN just seem to get better and better every time I see them. This gig was free and was a total blast, with the guys treating us to a couple of new songs, including this one. It's typically uplifting, sing-along stuff. The angle may not have been the best to film from on reflection but I've always thought that the back of Josh's head is underrated. Enjoy!

This song is as-yet untitled and, according to vocalist/guitarist (on the far side) Dan, "it's still in the works a bit at the moment!" Well, it's sounding pretty damn awesome at the moment (especially how it builds to an epic instrumental crescendo) so hopefully it'll be on a new release soon.

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