Monday, 19 July 2010

MILLOY Spiders

Leeds Irish Centre
June 22nd 2010

Supporting the mighty Hot Water Music, Wakefield gruff punk heroes Milloy were on fine form. With Beefy having won tickets for the World Cup in South Africa, Joe Maples (ex-Pylon) came to the rescue and did a spot on job filling in. It was a great night and it was cool to hear them play some oldies like this for my friends and I to holler along to... even if it was weird that I wasn't singing it with Mike Hemsley. Wish you were there dude. Oh and enjoy my 'Woo!' - it summed up exactly how I felt.

Sorry I missed the start of it, had a bit of camera trouble. This song is the opener from the incredible 2002 EP 'Belt Up'. If you've only got the two albums (or even if you haven't) you should pick this EP up if you love Hot Water Music, Leatherface or Bangers. I don't know if you can get it anymore but try messaging the band. Yeah.

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  1. awesome. so glad they're doing this song again. gig looked ace, what a great place to see HWM. kinda wish i'd gone up now! nice "woo" too, Ian!