Wednesday, 21 July 2010

PORCHES Punktastic Is Stoked

London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

Porches are one of about five bands (including Serf Combat and Wegrowbeards) that the awesome bearded party dude Fun Alf is playing in at the moment. He's the dude singing and playing bass. If you love Dillinger Four, The Lawrence Arms, partying, burritos, pandas and The Fest, then you're going to enjoy the hell out of this. This is sing-along gruff pop punk with great male/female vocals and plenty of energy, not to mention a title with a nod to the O Pioneers!!! song 'Punknews Is Stoked'. Here's to the good times - Punktastic should be stoked!

They've just recorded a 4-track EP and this is from it. It's out July 27th on Alf's BooFrod Records!

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