Thursday, 22 July 2010


London Shoreditch South Of The Border (Everything Sucks club)
July 16th 2010

Having taken the summer to concentrate on finishing uni (in some cases) and writing and recently recording their eagerly anticipated second full-length (in all cases), Wales' finest are back and we were so excited to have them playing at ES. Safe to say it was one hell of a party, as always with Arteries gigs, and much singing, dancing and crowd surfing was had. Blasting through three new songs, it sounds like they're becoming more varied and drawing on a wide range of influences - a good thing for sure. Mixing an AC/DC riff with hardcore energy, as Miles yells, "I'm never gonna crack!", it's a beast. I can't wait to hear the new record. Lets just hope that Jamie doesn't launch the mic stand at anyone next time!

It's taken from the upcoming second album, 'Dead Sea', that the band are hoping to have out in time for their US tour in October.

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