Wednesday, 21 July 2010

NEIL SUTHERLAND & FRIENDS This Town Ain't What It Used To Be

London Deptford Bird's Nest
July 14th 2010

Neil Sutherland is a treat for any fans of uplifting anthemic folk punk and this song is a belter, even though it's more about how high streets seem to be becoming more and more homogenized. His story telling, passionate songs and infectious choruses deserve your attention, especially if you like Defiance, Ohio or Apologies, I Have None. On this tour, Neil's friends included PJ impressing everyone with his drumming (also of PJ & Gaby, Rooftops and A,IHN) and Kyle (also of imadethismistake) on bass. Not even a blown guitar head could stop the fun for long!

This song is taken from Neil's 2008 album 'Build Our Own', his first release which was full band rather than acoustic.

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