Saturday, 7 November 2009

BANGERS Too Many Dark Knights

Gainesville, Florida The Venue side stage (Fest 8)
November 1st 2009

The last day of Fest saw some truly amazing sets and the UK bands played a large part in that. Unfortunately the Venue side stage was really dark but that didn't stop me. Here's Falmouth's finest blasting out their new song from their upcoming Art Of The Underground single (by the occasional light of a camera flash). Sweet! Another incredible anthem from an awesome band.

Soon afterwards they started having technical problems but so many Brits abroad were singing every word that during closer 'The Hard Way' Roo launched into the crowd and abandoned his troublesome guitar. I was going off too much to film it. I think I'm suffering Five Star and Boca Fiesta withdrawals. Roll on Fest 9!

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