Thursday, 26 November 2009


Kingston Fighting Cocks
November 14th 2009

Sorry I've been a bit slow to get these ones up but here we go. Thanks to Josh for putting on OCP and Vanilla Pod at the Cocks (and a few other bands), taking me back to my fevered skate punk lovin' uni. days! By all accounts it was a trip down memory lane and I filmed a couple of my favourites - UK skate punk classics in my book. Anyway, One Car Pile-Up hail from the North (Scunthorpe/Lincoln/Leeds) and this driving melodic anthem was the closer (as usual) and is arguably their finest song to date. Here's hoping for a new album. Long live skate punk!

This song is taken from their 2003 album 'Worst Episode Ever', out now on Crackle!

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