Saturday, 11 September 2010

DIVIDERS Me. You. Len on a boat. Falariki '09

Bristol The Lanes (Punk N Bowl 5)
August 15th 2010

Yes, it's another long overdue update! Right, I'm going to write less and try to update more. Honest. Anyway, thanks to Greg and Cara for the first Punk N Bowl in Bristol. It was another awesome day with the creme de la creme (that's right!) of the UK punk scene. Here's a few of the highlights...

Dividers are a new(ish) band from Swansea and this new song (I think it's from an upcoming split) shows they've got a bright future. If you're into the likes of Get Bent and Latterman then you'll love them.

This track isn't from it but they've got a great demo available to download from their MySpace and you can buy it on CD or tape from them at shows too (the former with a slow lorris on and the latter a pug. That's win, win).

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