Saturday, 19 September 2009

THE STEAL No Control

Kingston The Peel
September 18th

Stick a fork in it, hardcore's done! Only joking but this was Kingston/London/Brighton melodic hardcore heroes The Steal's final ever show, having announced it to be so only a couple of day ago, and it went off accordingly. Mark is reading from the londonpaper at the start, which was sharing the event with their final issue, before he, Rich, Dave and Lindsay explode into this ripping opener and send the place crazy! Plenty of stagediving happens. Nice.

I've only got a couple of videos (another one very soon) because I thought 'fuck it, I'm getting involved' and I'm glad I did. Stagediving for the first time in years (really badly!) and being the base (as always) of a human pyramid as The Steal played what was one of the best gigs I have ever seen was amazing. Incredible.

This song is from their amazing second album 'Bright Grey', out now on Banquet.

The Steal RIP. Thanks so much guys. Keep moving forward...

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