Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Camden Purple Turtle
October 19th 2009

Having formed as a guitar and drums two-piece with guitar and drums and both Dan and Josh singing, London folk punks Apologies, I Have None have recently added a live bassist and drummer and this was their first 'full band' show. It added loads of energy to their gigs and made their sound far more powerful and exciting in my opinion. Anyway, whatever your view, fans of the likes of early Against Me! and This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb should check these guys out. Passionate and honest, it's good, shout-along music.

A,IHN head over to play The Fest in Gainesville, FL (USA) in just over a week and are set to play on Saturday October 31st at Flacos at 11.30pm. Check it out and sing loud!

This song is the opener from their self-released EP 'Two Sticks And Six Strings', which is out now. Order your copy from the band's online store. You can also stream the EP now at

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