Wednesday, 14 October 2009

ATTACK! VIPERS! Come Dungeons Deep Or Gallows Grim

Brixton Windmill
October 10th 2009

Another video from Lloyd's birthday gig, Attack! Vipers! were as savage and energetic as ever and it seemed apt that they were the only band of the night to play in the dark. Joe's raw and passionate vocals, Ben's intense guitar work and Mark and Hussey's pummeling rhythm make them one of the most exciting UK hardcore bands. Sorry if this one's a bit too dark for you. Imagine them as night terrors emerging from the darkness and attacking you with their musical assault. Scary.

After Joe had explained how it was about the '80s miners' strikes and says the name of the song, an aggressive heckler shouts "fuck off you slags!", which you can hear at the start. Maybe it was a half-cut Thatcher?

This track is from their 8-track split CD (4 songs from each band) with Austria's Astpai, out now on We Heart Records.

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