Monday, 11 January 2010


London Bloomsbury Lanes (Punk N Bowl 3)
December 20th 2009

Wahey! Another storming song from the mighty Swansea quintet. They blasted through this awesome number as they headlined (well, played last anyway) Punk N Bowl 3 and blew away the crowd who went suitably ape shit, myself included! Miles disappears into the crowd as soon as the song starts and it's followed by the usual driving rhythm, infectious melodies and insane guitar solos. Yes! Far more than just a shitty band!

This song is the opener from the split 7" with The Cut Ups, featuring three songs from The Cut Ups and two from The Arteries. It's green vinyl and comes with a download code. Nice. The record is out now on The Arteries' own new label S.W.F.U!

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