Thursday, 7 January 2010


London Bloomsbury Lanes (Punk N Bowl 3)
December 20th 2009

Finally, here's the first of the Punk N Bowl 3 videos! This is a new song from Falmouth's finest, with the working title (although I've been assured it will change) of 'John Shoe'. Roo told me that it's called that at the moment because John of The Cut Ups would like the song/lyrics (can't remember which he said) apparently. Well I'm sure he will because it's another anthemic and raw melodic punk corker from the Cornwall trio with a great guitar line at the end to boot. More Punk N Bowl videos as soon as I manage to sort out my broken/cripplingly slow internet.

This song is set to appear on an upcoming split with San Francisco gruff punks Nothington, due out later this year.

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