Monday, 9 August 2010

THE DAUNTLESS ELITE Energy Kids Rule Forever

Kingston Fighting Cocks
July 23rd 2010

In my eyes, this song is a UK punk future classic. I hope that makes sense. A rousing song that tells it like it is and was the thrilling highlight of The Elite's triumphant 2004 debut EP 'Security?', anyone who has seen Dauntless (especially in their hometown of Leeds at the much missed Out Of Spite festival) numerous times can probably understand why I love this song. Everyone else down the front at this gig probably feels exactly the same, if the air punching and singing is anything to go by. It's punchy and the dual vocals are amazing. Also, it makes me want to grab Mike and sing every word in his ear...

This song is taken from the EP 'Security?', which was released through Plan-It-X but is now out of print. It was awesome. Hopefully Steve can get it up as a download on his This Music Is My Life blog!

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  1. so glad you posted this! I included this song in my summer mix and I've been listening to it like crazy.