Monday, 9 August 2010

DIVIDERS Reckless Is My Middle Name

Kingston Fighting Cocks
July 28th 2010

First up, thanks so much to Dividers and Angela (who put on this awesome show - check out Poprocks And Coke shows) for getting this exciting new band over to Kingston so quickly. One of the best new bands I've heard for a while, this song is a big sing-along with shared vocals, awesome guitar and bass lines, a perfectly timed 'woo!' and getting Scott up in the air crowdsurfing while playing guitar! This Swansea quartet all seem like really great dudes too and partied hard at the New Noise club night with us after the show. Fun times! Someone called Ben apparently described them as "Get Bent meets Gavin and Stacey". That is brilliant... as was their Get Bent cover! Roll on Punk N' Bowl 5 in Bristol next weekend!

This song is taken from the band's awesome 'Demo 2010', which you can download for free from their MySpace page. They might still have a couple of the second batch of CDs left too. They have a slow lorris stretching on the cover. Nice.

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