Monday, 9 August 2010

LEAGUES APART I Thought You Meant Wales The Country

Kingston Fighting Cocks
July 28th 2010

The Salford party punks are clearly loving playing in Kingston, but then it seems that they love playing full stop. What more can I say? Catch them at No Fest in late August in Peterborough, with Off With Their Heads in Derby in September and on tour with The Menzingers around the UK in November! Good times...

They have a new CD out called 'To Anywhere' but this track from the rousing four-piece is from the Sea Shepherd benefit 4-way split 7" with This Business Is Closed, Rooftops and Sammy's Fatal Mistake. Order your copy now from the band's online shop and help save whales (but not Wales. Maybe whales in Wales. I don't know).

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