Monday, 9 August 2010

SSSSNAKES Fuck This Place

Kingston Fighting Cocks
July 23rd 2010

Featuring members of The Arteries switching instruments and the legend that is Pugs on bass, Ssssnakes are Descendents, Dead Milkmen and The Marked Men lovin' garage/pop punk straight outta Swansea! This was the last song of an energetic set that included a song dedicated to Steve called 'Microphone Head', a summer 'hit' called 'Pina Colada' (a video to be posted in the near future) and lots of leaping around. Jamie clearly loves taking on the frontman role and this song - full of microphone eating, crowd surfing and Steve helping out with vocals - shows the fun and chaos of their set. Fuck this place, this place sucks!

This song is probably from their split CD with Bangers but you can't get it anymore. Everything sucks. Apparently their debut LP is on the way very soon...

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