Saturday, 1 May 2010

THE AMISTAD Blemish Free Fruit & Veg

London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
April 15th 2010

Hailing from Sheffield, this four-piece play the kind of melodic gruff punk to get sweaty and lose your voice to. Featuring former/current members of bands such as Four Dumb Kids, Brutal Justice and The Gun Hill Dancers, they've honed their craft and are an impressive and fun band to see live. With a couple of split 7"s (with Orphan Choir and Above Them) and now a full-length under their belts, here's hoping The Amistad make the trip down south again soon to play their intelligent, northern humour-filled anthems. Fans of Milloy and The Leif Ericsson should enjoy these guys.

Probably my favourite start to a SAC video yet - "wow, that's bloody loud" from Mike. This song is taken from their debut album 'Kept Under By A Generation Of Ghosts', out now on the brilliant Bombed Out. Sorry about the edge of Jam's face but at least it adds even more Yorkshire, which is always a good thing.

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