Tuesday, 11 May 2010

HAMMERS Title Track

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Influenced by the likes of Tragedy, Baroness and Neurosis and taking their name from a song by The Holy Mountain, fans of d-beat, crust and hardcore will enjoy the relentless brutality of this Manchester three-piece. They sure do make one hell of a noise for a trio and you can't help but be impressed. I know Kev was. An impressive force live, they're as unstoppable with recording too, having already put out several cassettes and records and with loads more (including an LP in late 2010/early 2011) planned. They're also heading out to tour mainland Europe in June/July. Bring the noise!

This song is the opening track from their latest release, the one-sided, six-track 12" 'Oregony' (the process of the formation of mountains by the collision of techtonic plates). You can order it from them by clicking on the email link on their MySpace.


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