Tuesday, 18 May 2010


London Shoreditch South Of The Border (Everything Sucks club)
May 13th 2010

Playing Dave and my club night this month was this young band of garage hardcore punks from London town. Rory and Tommy were great frontmen, running around the place and generally going crazy. They're rough around the edges for sure (they probably like it that way!) but this is promising stuff. I'm really looking forward to catching them live again soon and hope they'll release a record soon to follow up their upcoming tape. Check out the next Everything Sucks club night, hopefully with Calvinball playing, and with Dave and I playing lots of awesome punk and hardcore on Friday June 18th.

This song is one of the demos that you can hear on their MySpace. It hasn't been released yet but I think it's going to be on their brilliantly titled 'The Tape Of Punk To Come' cassette. Get into it.


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