Thursday, 20 May 2010


Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

So you may know El from her playing acoustic country folk songs in the band Livers And Lungs (or maybe from Southsea DIY) but the Portsmouth singer-songwriter is a powerful solo artist too. K Fest was the end of her tour with Austin Lucas (who said "if you don't like El Morgan you're a dickhead". Classic.) and she wowed the crowd with her heartfelt, honest songs and soaring vocals. Come play Kingston/London again soon please El.

I think this song is probably on the CD that she had for sale with her but sadly I had already spent the last of my money on a couple of 7"s so I couldn't get it this time. I think I'll message her about getting one though and you should do the same!

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