Monday, 10 May 2010

ZAPIAIN Falling Down

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Hailing from West Yorkshire and with releases dating back to 2006, Greg and Cara unearthed a hidden gem with Zapiain. I'd never seen them before before but if you love Jawbreaker and Samiam then chances are this three-piece will be up your road. They were excellent heartfelt, melodic punk rock and I can't wait to see them again soon. They're recording soon but are looking for gigs too so get in touch and put them on!

This song is taken from their third and latest EP - last year's 'Wrong In Our Own Way' - and, like several other songs they played at Punk N Bowl, is "about bowling". Jokes. You can order it from their MySpace page (although the other two EPs are out of stock. Damn.)

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