Tuesday, 11 May 2010

SSS Thrash With A Small Moustache

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

While not really keeping with the kind of music I normally cover on Strike A Chord UK, I thought I'd put Liverpool crossover thrashers SSS (it stands for Short Sharp Shock) on here anyway because the song has an awesome name and they didn't hold back. Influenced by the likes of S.O.D., Negative Approach and Suicidal Tendencies, they certainly tore it up at Punk N Bowl and unapologetically, along with Hammers, added a ripping dose of metal-loving to the day. As frontman Foxy stalked the floor and their riffs cut through the air, they gave Punk N Bowl a good thrashing!

This song is taken from the four-piece's latest album, their 2008 second full-length 'The Dividing Line', that you can buy now by emailing them. Check out the email address detailed under the album on their MySpace.


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