Saturday, 1 May 2010

PORCHES Carbonara

Kingston Fighting Cocks
April 21st 2010

Porches features Fun Alf (drummer of Serf Combat and Wegrowbeards) getting off the stool and taking up vocals/bass duties, Iona on vocals/guitar and Luke pounding the living shit out of the drums! They're a new band and this was the first song of their first gig. Hence Iona's unimpressed look at me filming it. Sorry! Thanks to Steve for being their director too. Quiet on the set! I can't remember who throws the horns but that's quite funny too. There's a bit of RVIVR or Fifth Hour Hero feel to it I reckon. Anyway, they were awesome, everyone enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear more from them.

This song is from some demo tracks doing the rounds. With any luck there'll be a proper release (and a website/MySpace) soon. Another exciting new UK band - cool. Oh and this gig only happened because of the volcano mayhem stopping some of The Bomb leaving the country. Fuck you evil ash cloud, we had a great night. Cut, that's a wrap Steve!

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