Friday, 28 May 2010

BANGERS Straight Gin Makes You Batshit Crazy

London Camden Purple Turtle
May 25th 2010

The Falmouth three-piece are just heading out on a seven week tour with Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics. They're touring the UK then are heading over to Europe and are currently doing the band full time. As ever, they were awesome and this new song was another driving track that made you want to pump your fist in the air and sing along (something Giles, Marty and I were doing to most of their songs and having a blast!). All the best for the tour Roo, Andrew and Hamish!

This song is taken from their tour split 7" with Dirty Tactics and also on their 10 track 'Dude Trips' collection CD album, which contains everything they've released on vinyl and you can download here! You can buy both from the band on their tour.


London Camde Purple Turtle
May 25th 2010

Apologies just seem to get better and better every time I see them. They're now tight as fuck and play the kind of energetic folk punk that'll have you singing every word. The harmonies and shared vocals add to the power of their songs and, along with their relentless live energy, makes them pretty damn exciting. Apparently they've got a handful of new songs written and a debut album is next. I can't wait!

This song is taken from their 'Two Sticks And Six Strings' EP, which you can buy from the band at their MySpace.

PACER Circles Around A Square

London Camden Purple Turtle
May 25th 2010

It's late so I'll keep these three pieces short. Pacer are the awesome new band formed from half of The Steal (the other half going on to form Sauna Youth). If you like ALL, Iron Chic, Osker and Kid Dynamite (and British basketball!) then you might well love these guys. It's still early days but I'm really excited to hear their demo when it's out. I've seen them a few times now and they're great live. More please!

This song is the one that's up on their MySpace and I expect it'll be on their upcoming demo.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Kingston The Peel
May 21st 2010

It's sad to see this London melodic hardcore band split (especially as they're good friends) but the band had run its course. What better way to give it a send off though than with a supporting slot with A Wilhelm Scream - one of their influences. It was a great night, with the Scores boys on fine form and having more fun than they have for a while. After this, a man triangle (human pyramid), crowd surfing, free t-shirts and guitarist Alex's costume change followed. Thanks for all the fun times and sing-alongs guys!

This song is taken from the band's 2008 four track demo, which you can download for free from their MySpace.

PACER The Long Drop

Kingston The Hippodrome (New Slang club night)
May 20th 2010

The new band formed by Mark and Dave from The Steal combines that band's much-loved energy and passion with more melodic influences such as ALL and Osker. Throw in some British Basketball League love and you have a band that's a hell of a lot of fun live. Supporting Alkaline Trio (who played a horrific acoustic set) at the New Slang club night, they may still be quite new but they showed exactly why we should be excited.

This song (which vocalist Mark said was tentatively titled this and joked about how it was about French toilets, after his recent cycling trip I presume) is slightly slower than many of their songs, making it pretty damn cool. Dave's guitar lead comes out just as he's about to lay down that awesome guitar line but it's a catchy and cool song. I hope it'll be on their upcoming demo (after all, Dave does say it's the best one at the start of the video!)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

MILLOY (The Boy With No) Shoes

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Following Austin Lucas' set, it was great to have Wakefield's finest back down south again. And we were in for a treat, with the quintet playing a couple of tracks from their early EPs (including 'Astro Zero') that I haven't seen them play in years. Amazing. Sadly, I was going crazy when they were playing those so I didn't catch them but this classic is another fan favourite that Dan, Marty, Jam, myself and many more had a good sing along to. The perfect way to end an incredible weekend of K Fest. Roll on K Fest 4!

This track is taken from the band's debut album 'More Than A Machine', out now (remastered and repackaged from the orginal release) on Household Name.


Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

The Portsmouth trio returned to Kingston armed with some new songs and Tim's sharp new hairdo, not to mention an artificial sun shining down on them it seems (watch the video). They were definitely the best I've seen them in a while and reminding me why they were so much fun in the first place. Their MySpace says they're "currently knuckling down to finish our album". About bloody time too! Really looking forward to hear the new record and you should be too!

This is obviously quite a personal song for frontman Tim as, as he explains before they play it, it's about his friend Spencer who's in the Afghanistan and who he obviously wants to get home safe. I think this song is going to be on their long-awaited second album, the follow-up to 2006's 'Shake Up' (out now on Household Name).

CALVINBALL Nobody Throws Me My Gun And Says Run... Nobody

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

The Sheffield gruff punks were a man down (drummer Connor had an injured wrist I think) but thankfully Josh from Apologies, I Have None saved the day. He did a brilliant job filling in too and they played with as much raw passion as ever. This track has a ridiculously catchy guitar line and some awesome dual vocals. What more could you want?

This song can be found on the band's debut CD 'Live Fast, Go To Bed Early', which you can download for free at their MySpace.


Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

So you may know El from her playing acoustic country folk songs in the band Livers And Lungs (or maybe from Southsea DIY) but the Portsmouth singer-songwriter is a powerful solo artist too. K Fest was the end of her tour with Austin Lucas (who said "if you don't like El Morgan you're a dickhead". Classic.) and she wowed the crowd with her heartfelt, honest songs and soaring vocals. Come play Kingston/London again soon please El.

I think this song is probably on the CD that she had for sale with her but sadly I had already spent the last of my money on a couple of 7"s so I couldn't get it this time. I think I'll message her about getting one though and you should do the same!

APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE Re-arranging The Dust

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

One of London's finest bands knocked it out of the park again at K Fest, with their anthemic folk punk. The powerful vocals and backing singing make songs like this ridiculously infectious. As the closer for their set it builds from a slow start into a huge sing-along finish, with three-way vocal brilliance.

This song is from their five track EP 'Two Sticks And Six Strings', which you can order from the band here.

MEN Re: Your Branding

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Another incredible new band that everyone should check out! There really wasn't a single bad band at K Fest this year and I loved everyone but these guys were definitely one of the highlights for me. Hailing from Norwich, the three-piece's brand (wahey!) of fun indie punk tunes about working in offices are catchy and refreshingly different to most bands around at the moment. Plus, before they even start this brilliant set closer, Carl gives a mighty thumbs up and Jem clarifies, "we are... proud". Bonus points.

This song is one of the songs you can download for free from the band's MySpace!


Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

So here's another video of the new garage hardcore punk band formed by two former members of The Steal. Frontman Rich gives it his all and looks particularly fetching wearing Jon's cap, giving Dan a hug and generally leaping around. Loads of people were talking about how impressed they were with Sauna Youth (for many it was their first time) and it's not hard to hear and see why. See this band live and do it ASAP. All together now... my teenage summer!

This song is on their new 7" 'Youth', which you can order from the band at their MySpace page.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Having seen Big City Plan at last year's K Fest, the Birmingham four-piece have come a hell of a long way and sound amazing today. I really liked them before but the few new songs they played, including this one, are a definite step up and I can't wait to hear them recorded. Consisting of former members of Shermer and Redcarpetrobots, Big City Plan are set to make their mark when they unleash these new tracks and are an impressive live act. Fans of Gunmoll and Hot Water Music need to check these guys out.

This song isn't released yet but it's up as 'New Song 1' on their MySpace page, along with another couple of great new tracks. Check them out and get pumped.

THE DEAD BEAT Dead Beat Are Fucking Dead

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Made up of two guys from Brighton and two from London, who have played in bands such as Small Mercies, Bastion and Cardinal Fink, The Dead Beat are an exciting new rock 'n' roll hardcore punk band. Influenced by the likes of The Bronx, Hot Snakes, Fugazi and Paint It Black, their songs are heavy but catchy and the guitar line in this opening song from their blistering K Fest set sees Tony lay down one hell of an infectious guitar line. You need to see them. Oh and the lost property comment from Dan before they start was because Antonio found a cable in his bag and told the crowd. Great music and helpful dudes!

Hear this song on the band's 7 track demo, which you can download now from their MySpace.

CYNICS You're Alright

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Giles was on fine form at K Fest and with his new semi-acoustic ('semi', haha) resulting in shouts of "sell out!", it was a typically fun set. The former F-Bats member turned folk punk troubadour type has honed his skills to become one of the most exciting solo artists around at the moment I think. Not bad for a giant punk baby!

This song can be found on Cynics' 4-track 'Stones I've Thrown' 7" (that comes with a download code), available for pre-order now from Happy Days.

PORCHES Shirts On, Dudes Off

Kingston The Peel (K Fest 3, Day 2)
May 15th 2010

Another video of this exciting new gruff pop punk band and it's still early days for this four-piece (featuring Fun Alf of Serf Combat and Wegrowbeards) but there's loads of potential here. I really like these guys, they remind me a bit of One Reason, RVIVR and Fifth Hour Hero. Please record a proper release soon!

This song is on their demo but it's a pretty raw recording. Here's hoping for a 7" or a CD EP/album. Can't wait to hear more!

ABOVE THEM These Long Days

Kingston The Fighting Cocks (K Fest 3, Day 1)
May 14th 2010

The Pontefract trio are always great live and K Fest was no different. They even treated us to a couple of new songs, including this song. With a great riff and building up to a shouted crescendo, it shows that there's plenty more to look forward to from 'Buv 'Um. I kept smiling through the whole set. Sorry, terrible joke (it's true though).

This song is taken from their upcoming split 7" with Cheap Girls through All In Vinyl.

ZATOPEKS Death And The Hobo

Kingston The Fighting Cocks (K Fest 3, Day 1)
May 14th 2010

Having established themselves as a loved pop punk/rock 'n' roll band in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, this London five-piece, featuring former members of 3 1/2 Inch Floppy, have released two full-lengths, four 7" EPs and one split CD. Describing themselves as like "Buddy Holly covering 'Rocket To Russia', their dual rock 'n' roll guitar sound and sneered London vocals gives their pop punk a twist. As ever they were on fine form at K Fest, leaping around and enjoying every second.

This song is the closing track from their second album, 'Damn Fool Music', out now on Household Name.


Kingston The Fighting Cocks (K Fest 3, Day 1)
May 14th 2010

First off, a huge apology to the awesome Serf Combat ( I was working late and only got to the Cocks towards the end of your set, by which point the room was already too full to get to a good place to film from. I'll catch you next time for sure guys.

After Serf Combat, who ruled as always, were Brighton pop punks The Hotlines. I think I've seen them once before and I wasn't too impressed but I was happy to be proved completely wrong as they blasted through an uplifting set of infectious pop punk with nods to the likes of The Ramones and The Queers, with an added surf twist and Beach Boys influence infused in there too. The four-piece released their self-titled album last year on Devils Jukebox. They've also got a couple of split 7"s out with Italy's Radio Days and one of their influences, The Queers.

As far as I can tell from their releases to date, this song is unreleased. Hopefully it won't be for much longer!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


London Shoreditch South Of The Border (Everything Sucks club)
May 13th 2010

Playing Dave and my club night this month was this young band of garage hardcore punks from London town. Rory and Tommy were great frontmen, running around the place and generally going crazy. They're rough around the edges for sure (they probably like it that way!) but this is promising stuff. I'm really looking forward to catching them live again soon and hope they'll release a record soon to follow up their upcoming tape. Check out the next Everything Sucks club night, hopefully with Calvinball playing, and with Dave and I playing lots of awesome punk and hardcore on Friday June 18th.

This song is one of the demos that you can hear on their MySpace. It hasn't been released yet but I think it's going to be on their brilliantly titled 'The Tape Of Punk To Come' cassette. Get into it.

MEN Workin' In The Office

London Shoreditch Old Blue Last
May 8th 2010

Norwich indie punks MEN are fast becoming one of my favourite new bands in the UK, with a sound that's pretty fresh and exciting, not to mention brilliantly catchy songs and lyrics about things like the global economic downturn. Did I mention they love Huey Lewis And The News. Great guys. As vocalist/drummer Carl explains, "this song is about working in the office. It's called 'Workin' In The Office'." Perfect.

This song is one of the tracks you can download for free from their MySpace. What are you waiting for?

SAUNA YOUTH Weird Friction

London Shoreditch Old Blue Last
May 8th 2010

Although it was really weird to be in such a 'trendy' venue for a great gig, the bands were awesome, even if there were too many bobble hats and 'taches around (and I'm just talking about Sauna Youth. Way-oh!!!) Joking aside, these guys are Rich and Lindsay from The Steal (the other half going on to form Pacer), joined by Rezza of The Cut Ups and some dude (sorry!) on bass. Anyway, they're pretty damn awesome live as you can see. This was my first time seeing them and Rich makes the most of not playing an instrument in Sauna Youth by, well, getting involved. Expect the unexpected! Influenced by the likes of the Ramones, the Buzzcocks and Swell Maps, it's an arty garage punk party.

This song is the opening track from the band's first 7", 'Youth', that you can order from the band (see the details on their MySpace).


London Brixton Windmill
May 6th 2010

This Norwich post-hardcore punk trio may describe themselves as 'grog punk' but they're more interesting than that gives them credit for. Striking some kind of middle ground between two of their influences - Hot Water Music and Fugazi - and with a sound similar to Above Them, this was the first time I saw them and I was impressed. Hopefully they'll be back around this neck of the woods again sometime soon.

'Spitting Teeth' is on the Sea Shepherd Benefit 7", out now on Happy Days. It's a split with three other great bands - Rooftops, Leagues Apart and Sammy's Fatal Mistake (with one song from each). It's for a good cause too so pick up a copy and give it a spin!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

It was fantastic to see Leeds' finest back down south and playing a set that mixed early material with brand new, unrecorded songs. I've filmed a new song too so I'll post that in the near future but, for now, here's a rare oldie for you. More cowbell! The Dauntless Elite play the kind of gruff, melodic punk that'll have you singing every word and shredding your voice... while loving every second. I'm really excited for them to record and play more soon. Fingers crossed. A perfect Punk N Bowl band.

I'm not posting any Leatherface videos because of 'the incident' where Frankie Stubbs punched someone and put a bit of a dampener on the day. However, I want to focus on the amazing bands, food, bowling, friends and good times.

Thanks again Greg and Cara! Come to Punk N Bowl 5 in Bristol on Sunday August 15th. I can't wait!

This song is from The Dauntless Elite's amazing 2004 EP 'Security?', a split release through Bombed Out and Plan-It-X. Sadly it's out of print though.

SSS Thrash With A Small Moustache

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

While not really keeping with the kind of music I normally cover on Strike A Chord UK, I thought I'd put Liverpool crossover thrashers SSS (it stands for Short Sharp Shock) on here anyway because the song has an awesome name and they didn't hold back. Influenced by the likes of S.O.D., Negative Approach and Suicidal Tendencies, they certainly tore it up at Punk N Bowl and unapologetically, along with Hammers, added a ripping dose of metal-loving to the day. As frontman Foxy stalked the floor and their riffs cut through the air, they gave Punk N Bowl a good thrashing!

This song is taken from the four-piece's latest album, their 2008 second full-length 'The Dividing Line', that you can buy now by emailing them. Check out the email address detailed under the album on their MySpace.

ABOVE THEM For Those Who Paved The Way

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Okay, so you probably know the score with Ponty favourites 'Buv 'Um. With driving rhythms and huge anthems (just check out the sing-along to this very tune!), they're one of the most exciting live bands on the UK punk scene at the moment, even with little mistakes at the start of their songs! With a huge riff and emotional vocals, this is a passionate and powerful song. Check out the singing from the crowd on the bridge too. Wow, this was definitely some of the loudest crowd participation at Punk N Bowl! Great band.

This song is the opener from their 2009 debut full-length 'Blueprint For A Better Time', which you can buy on both record and CD from the band's own merch store.

HAMMERS Title Track

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Influenced by the likes of Tragedy, Baroness and Neurosis and taking their name from a song by The Holy Mountain, fans of d-beat, crust and hardcore will enjoy the relentless brutality of this Manchester three-piece. They sure do make one hell of a noise for a trio and you can't help but be impressed. I know Kev was. An impressive force live, they're as unstoppable with recording too, having already put out several cassettes and records and with loads more (including an LP in late 2010/early 2011) planned. They're also heading out to tour mainland Europe in June/July. Bring the noise!

This song is the opening track from their latest release, the one-sided, six-track 12" 'Oregony' (the process of the formation of mountains by the collision of techtonic plates). You can order it from them by clicking on the email link on their MySpace.

CAVES Fell Apart

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Definitely one of the highlights of the day for me, Bristol trio Caves play amazing pop punk in a similar vein to the likes of Lemuria, Superchunk and Discount. They're one of my favourite new bands and it was amazing to see them now I know the songs. An incredibly fun band live, see you down the front next time with Steve the giant penguin? Catch them on tour with the brilliant Good Luck in July.

This track is taken from their self-titled 7" (which comes with a free download code as soon as you order!), out now on Specialist Subject.

Monday, 10 May 2010

ZAPIAIN Falling Down

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Hailing from West Yorkshire and with releases dating back to 2006, Greg and Cara unearthed a hidden gem with Zapiain. I'd never seen them before before but if you love Jawbreaker and Samiam then chances are this three-piece will be up your road. They were excellent heartfelt, melodic punk rock and I can't wait to see them again soon. They're recording soon but are looking for gigs too so get in touch and put them on!

This song is taken from their third and latest EP - last year's 'Wrong In Our Own Way' - and, like several other songs they played at Punk N Bowl, is "about bowling". Jokes. You can order it from their MySpace page (although the other two EPs are out of stock. Damn.)

SOLUTIONS Mexican Waves

London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Solutions are a progressive punk rock band from Cardiff with bags of potential. Their passionate live performance shows they've got the emotional drive and powerful dual vocals to make them one hell of an exciting three-piece. This was the first time I'd seen them and they just arrived, went straight on and nailed it. Come back to London again soon guys.

This song is from an upcoming split with The Goodtime Boys, who they're touring with in late May. Vocalist/guitarist Nicky Williams told me,

"This version is very much a 'first draft' - we recorded it just a couple of days back for a split with a Cardiff Post Hardcore band called THE GOODTIME BOYS. The record is out in three weeks, it will be free to download off the net too."

Also, download their debut record 'Before The Roars' for free at their MySpace:


London Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes (Punk N Bowl IV)
May 2nd 2010

Okay, so here are the Punk N Bowl videos! First off, thanks so much to Greg and Cara for another awesome all-dayer. The bands, pizza and bowling (sadly I didn't get round to the latter this time) were all amazing and everyone was out for another brilliant time. All the best to you guys and your move to Bristol. Here's to more Punk N Bowls here and in Bristol! So...

I'll keep it brief because there's plenty of videos and I've spoken about most of these on previous Strike A Chord UK entries. I got a new camera for this too so the sound is a bit better. Bastad! Rats! are from Basingstoke and are gruff, anthemic fun for fans of Rancid and the Bouncing Souls. Certain members can also take a punch and still have a brilliant night. Legends.

This song hasn't been recorded yet as far as I know but it has a killer drumroll at the start and plenty of 'woah' sing-along moments. Sounds like someone gets a strike just as Addy is introducing the song too. A great way to start Punk N Bowl!

Saturday, 1 May 2010


London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
April 25th 2010

I've probably already mentioned this but Apologies have gone and got awesome. Becoming a full band, with founding vocalists/guitarists Dan and Josh adding their friends PJ (bass, also of PJ & Gaby, Rooftops and Neil Sutherland's band) and Joe (drums) to the fold. The result is a sound that's urgent, powerful and anthemic and an energetic and passionate live show. With a couple of releases, I can't wait for them to record an album, which I think I heard is their next plan.

This energetic track (one of my favourite Apologies songs to date) is taken from the four-piece's new two-track 7", which comes with an accompanying CD and a build-it-yourself card rat or owl. I'm not kidding, it's pretty damn sweet. I hope they keep doing it so we can collect the whole of 'The Animals Of Farthing Wood'. Yeah! Get it from the band here.

PORCHES Carbonara

Kingston Fighting Cocks
April 21st 2010

Porches features Fun Alf (drummer of Serf Combat and Wegrowbeards) getting off the stool and taking up vocals/bass duties, Iona on vocals/guitar and Luke pounding the living shit out of the drums! They're a new band and this was the first song of their first gig. Hence Iona's unimpressed look at me filming it. Sorry! Thanks to Steve for being their director too. Quiet on the set! I can't remember who throws the horns but that's quite funny too. There's a bit of RVIVR or Fifth Hour Hero feel to it I reckon. Anyway, they were awesome, everyone enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear more from them.

This song is from some demo tracks doing the rounds. With any luck there'll be a proper release (and a website/MySpace) soon. Another exciting new UK band - cool. Oh and this gig only happened because of the volcano mayhem stopping some of The Bomb leaving the country. Fuck you evil ash cloud, we had a great night. Cut, that's a wrap Steve!

THE AMISTAD Blemish Free Fruit & Veg

London Stoke Newington Ryan's Bar
April 15th 2010

Hailing from Sheffield, this four-piece play the kind of melodic gruff punk to get sweaty and lose your voice to. Featuring former/current members of bands such as Four Dumb Kids, Brutal Justice and The Gun Hill Dancers, they've honed their craft and are an impressive and fun band to see live. With a couple of split 7"s (with Orphan Choir and Above Them) and now a full-length under their belts, here's hoping The Amistad make the trip down south again soon to play their intelligent, northern humour-filled anthems. Fans of Milloy and The Leif Ericsson should enjoy these guys.

Probably my favourite start to a SAC video yet - "wow, that's bloody loud" from Mike. This song is taken from their debut album 'Kept Under By A Generation Of Ghosts', out now on the brilliant Bombed Out. Sorry about the edge of Jam's face but at least it adds even more Yorkshire, which is always a good thing.